• We created the UK's largest privately-owned logistics company, with more than $1B of annual revenue
  • Extensive EVOS value creation program
  • Now a global leader, driving the transformation of logistics into a technology industry
  • Manages supply chains for the world's leading brands, providing a comprehensive range of technology-enabled services
  • Committed to growth, innovation and sustainability
EV Cargo
A case study
Acting as founders and hands-on operators, we created EV Cargo in 2018, facilitating a step-change in value creation via a sizeable, scalable and diversified logistics-technology company, well-positioned for future growth. With certain EmergeVest executives integrated as part of EV Cargo's senior management team, we executed an intense change management program governed by EVOS, spanning digital transformation, business redesign and culture.

We acted decisively to counter the development of covid-19, enacting a range of measures. Our broad-based actions span health and safety considerations, business continuity planning and financial sustainability. We remain focused on taking all appropriate actions to protect the wellbeing of all of our colleagues, customers and communities, as well as the value of our investments. As a result of these measures and the incredible workforce, EV Cargo has provided exceptional service to its customers and has posted strong financial performance.
EmergeVest brings a unique combination of financial strength, strategic execution and personal commitment. They really care about doing the right thing.
Clyde Buntrock, CEO of Allport Cargo Services (now EV Cargo Global Forwarding)