EV Cargo manages supply chains for the world's leading brands. Formed in 2018 by EmergeVest and headquartered in Hong Kong, EV Cargo is a leading provider of global freight forwarding and supply chain services. EV Cargo's global network spans more than 150 countries, with particular strength in Asia and Western Europe, offering a comprehensive range of services across air & sea freight, road freight, contract logistics and technology. With $1.5 billion+ of annual revenue EV Cargo is on the cusp of being a top-50 global freight forwarding company.
EV Cargo
A case study
How did EmergeVest
create EV Cargo?
EV Cargo's history dates back further than its founding in 2018, as EmergeVest built the Company through a multi-year 'Buy and Build' investment strategy, acquiring freight forwarding, logistics and technology companies via leveraged buyouts from founders and financial sponsors, as well as corporate carve-outs. With an intense value creation program governed by EmergeVest Operating System ("EVOS"), EV Cargo is on a journey to become a values-led global freight forwarding technology leader with a sizeable, scalable and diversified base, driving the long-term transformation of logistics into a sustainable technology industry.
Why EV Cargo and logistics?
EV Cargo is well positioned to benefit from significant, deep and accelerating secular industry trends, which should combine to create a positive environment for sustainable growth. The global freight forwarding and supply chain services market generally grows faster than GDP, boosted by several factors including continued outsourcing of logistics activities, changing distribution patterns and evolving global trade dynamics. Logistics more broadly is a highly fragmented market with the largest players having single-digit market share, there is a meaningful opportunity to grow faster than the overall market. The robust organic growth opportunity set spans the traditional moves, such as winning new customers and expanding share of wallet with existing customers, which is further powered by EV Cargo's comprehensive range of services. It also includes opening new markets and geographies. This highly fragmented market also provides fertile ground for EV Cargo's M&A strategy. We expect the pace of industry consolidation to accelerate, resulting in market leaders with global scale, integrated solutions, digital capabilities and world-class M&A capabilities capturing increased value.
How important is digital transformation to EV Cargo?
We believe the global freight forwarding and supply chain services industry is in the midst of accelerating change arising from digital transformation. As part of EV Cargo's corporate vision to lead this transformation, the Company is executing an innovative and comprehensive digital strategy with significant and ongoing investments in people and systems. The focus is to provide customers with a fantastic digital experience, operators with the tools they need to deliver excellent service, managers with the information necessary to develop the business and thereby position EV Cargo as a global innovator and leader. Digital initiatives span EV Cargo's finance platform, development of digital control towers, visibility tools, apps, internal systems and external links.
Genuine commitment to ESG and sustainability
Sustainability is one of EV Cargo's (and EmergeVest's) three core values: Growth, Innovation and Sustainability. EmergeVest is a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment and to ILPA's "Diversity in Action". With a sustainability strategy led by the CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer, EV Cargo has recently become a signatory to the UN Global Compact and is preparing to launch a multi-year program focused on three pillars: People, Planet and Profit. Initiatives will focus on taking care of employees, improving the environmental footprint of operations, specifically focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and developing sustainable services for global supply chains.

Having demonstrated strength and resilience during the challenges presented by COVID-19, EV Cargo is well-positioned and poised to execute its EVOS Strategic Plan, growing organically and through M&A to surpass $3 billion of revenue, thereby generating significant shareholder value.
EmergeVest brings a unique combination of financial strength, strategic execution and personal commitment. They really care about doing the right thing.