Gary Edwards and Rupert Myer appointments

Welcome to Gary Edwards and Rupert Myer who have recently joined the EmergeVest team as Managing Director and Senior Advisor, respectively. Both Gary and Rupert will also join the board of EV Cargo with numerous years of experience across industries and investments on global scales.

Heath Zarin, Founder, Chair & CEO of EmergeVest said: “We are delighted to welcome both Gary and Rupert to EmergeVest and EV Cargo. Gary has been an important external stakeholder to EmergeVest since our founding in 2013. While at Investec, he played a critical role in supporting EmergeVest in the creation of EV Cargo. We believe EmergeVest will benefit from his extensive experience as an operator in financial services and an established capital allocator across risk profiles.

“We have known Rupert for more than 10 years and are pleased he has joined us. We believe EmergeVest will benefit from his global experience across industries and investment classes.
“We believe Gary and Rupert will make significant contributions to EV Cargo as we continue to embed world-class corporate governance, explore a range of technology-enabled financial opportunities and evolve our risk management practices.”

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