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EmergeVest AVCJ SEA 2023

At the Asian Venture Capital Journal (AVCJ) Private Equity and Venture Forum Southeast Asia 2023, EmergeVest Founder and CEO Heath Zarin joined the ‘Private equity in 2023 and beyond’ panel. Sharing key views, Heath discussed the overall macro and investment landscape, featuring inflation, interest rate and instability.

Heath also discussed the two main themes for GPs’ investment success and excellence which are focused on operations and sectors. Specifically, he explained the journey of EmergeVest Operating System (EVOS), which focuses on driving value at the portfolio company level and has expanded to have plays and strategies at each stage of investing.

During the panel, Heath also commented on the shift of supply chains from China, noting that it provides a path for GPs to bring value to the portfolio companies by bringing a multi-country capability. In our sectors of interest across supply chains and logistics, financial services and technology, there are attractive opportunities for a fast growing Asia. Working with EV Cargo we have already expanded our flagship portfolio company in Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and Bangladesh to drive value creation in Asia.

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