Dr. Virginia Alzina appointment

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Virginia Alzina to the EmergeVest team. Virginia Alzina, Ph.D. has joined EmergeVest as Managing Director and Head of Sustainability and will also serve as Chief Sustainability Officer for EV Cargo.

Virginia has over 25 years of professional experience in ESG and sustainability with global perspective and her appointment is fundamental to our commitment to being a responsible global stakeholder.

Heath Zarin, Founder, Chair & CEO of EmergeVest and EV Cargo said: “We are delighted to welcome Virginia to EmergeVest and EV Cargo in an exciting and newly created role to build on our commitment to sustainability. Virginia brings a wealth of experience, capability and leadership to our businesses at an absolutely critical time. We are committed to being a responsible global stakeholder and Virginia’s appointment is an important milestone in our journey.”

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