AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum: Asian private equity – Reality versus perception

Our Founder, Chairman and CEO Heath Zarin was a panellist at the AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum discussing ‘Asian private equity: Reality versus perception’.

During the panel discussion, Heath shared our journey on adapting investment strategies from generalists to industry specialists, which provides advantage especially for smaller firms in uncertain times like today. Specializing allows us to be better and more consistent buyers, owners and sellers of businesses by proactively identifying opportunities with insights on value creation and potential buyers.

On China, Heath shared that EmergeVest is a sector focused investor that specifically targets logistics and supply chain related opportunities. China remains an important market as the world's second largest economy and logistics market, playing an indispensable role in global supply chains. We do not invest in politically sensitive sectors and prefer businesses with international connectivity. We remain excited about opportunities in China for control-oriented middle market deals as families and founders divest or corporates carve out divisions.

On value creation, Heath discussed our EmergeVest Operating System (EVOS) that governs all aspects of our investment process, portfolio management and value creation. Heath shared how we’ll begin with a strategic overview, followed by planning the necessary steps for the business to be successful and discussing objectives using a three-pillar approach – people, plan and capital. We take a five-year plan and split this down into yearly and quarterly plans where we use the concept of objective key results (OKR).

Last but not the least, Heath shared that sustainability is one of our core values and we are deeply committed to being a responsible investor. As a team we embed ESG in every stage of our investment process. Having an organisation that has a sense of purpose is important to help recruit, maintain and encourage talent. Most importantly, we see financial and investment returns as fundamentally important to sustain our ability to continue doing good through investments over the long run.

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