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Lucy CEO Speaks at AWS Amazon Web Services Event in Hong Kong

Lucy | #unstoppablewomen CEO Debbie Watkins was a keynote speaker at an embedded finance event, organised by AWS Amazon Web Services, Mambu and VmWare. Debbie shared her 20 years’ experience working in inclusive finance with underserved segments across more than 37 countries. During the event, Debbie also shared how Lucy has been designed with a customer-centric approach to empower women to grow, thrive and shine. EmergeVest is a proud investor in Lucy, a mission-driven neobank supporting foreign domestic workers and female entrepreneurs in South East Asia, and has been designed from the ground up to help them realise their potential, grow, thrive and shine.

Lucy's useful and flexible financial services and app helps women become unstoppable - empowering business growth that helps transform lives, families, communities and countries.

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